"My experience working with Monica Nastasi has been really transformative and important. I began therapy with her while processing a really tough divorce and a lot of difficult major life changes that came along with that. Dealing with depression, anxiety and a lot of general life confusion. Monica has been a wonderful resource for me to begin grow and heal. She's taught me important stress reducing techniques and introduced me to the world of meditation. She's offered really acute insight into understanding my past, how it has affected my present life, and how i can grow into and more authentic and healthy adult. She is very intelligent, thoughtful and sensitive and has been a patient listener. She's shown a lot of kindness over the course of our sessions, but she has also challenged me. Which I feel really grateful for. I genuinely feel that I am growing in my abilities to cope with the ups and downs of life, in a healthy way, because of the work we've done together."
Erin, Client
"Monica is a warm soul with a wealth of insight and experience to share. She is passionate about the healing experience she provides for others, and is on a path of continuous growth herself. She is present, patient, and wise."
Ralph De La Rosa,
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist,
Meditation Instructor,
“Monica, is thoughtful and very attentive. She helped me see how past relationships and childhood effect my present day situation. I highly recommend her for anyone.”
"Monica Nastasi has built a practice that reflects her philosophy of integrating and nourishing the needs of both the mind and body in order to live peacefully in one's environment and life path. I have worked closely with her in a professional capacity and can speak to her dedication to helping children and adults with care, nurturance and wisdom. I recommend her services without reservation."
Michelle Koh,
PhD/NYS Licensed Psychologist
"I will forever be thankful for the time spent with Monica. I am more grounded and aware. She helped me navigate through a difficult time and I realize what I learned with her I still rely on today."
"Monica has been a true pleasure to collaborate with. She's professional, communicative, and genuinely cares about her clients. She's also someone whose clinical judgment I really respect and trust. I've seen my own clients make meaningful discoveries and healthy changes as a result of working with Monica -- and would not hesitate to recommend her to others!"
Lindsay Krasna,
Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist